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Counseling Services

I offer individual counseling services and will take couples/family counseling upon request. I strive to provide a safe environment that helps individual's through transition; inspires hope; cultivates change and acceptance; and gives freedom for individual process, on their own timeline. I engage my clients with unconditional positive regard and a nonjudgmental stance to allow the counseling space to be free of assumption and fear of rejection. My theoretical approach is person-centered and culturally sensitive. I believe that there is power in telling one’s story and having someone truly listen and honor your experience. I welcome you into the counseling room to just be and tell your story.

Counseling Fees

My hourly rate is $80 for a 50-minute session. However, I offer counseling services at a reduced rate if necessary; and use a sliding fee scale of $40-80/session.

Locations and Schedule

I currently utilize office space in inner SE Portland (SE 12th and Division) on Thursdays and Saturdays and in SW Portland (Barbur Blvd) on Tuesdays. If those days do not work for you, I can make arrangements to meet you at another time at one of these locations.